Die cast scale model, Sandvik UJ440i

Die cast scale model, Sandvik UJ440i

315.00 $ (excl.vat 252.00 $)

We have designed the UJ440i to suit a wide range of different applications. The jaw settings can be adjusted hydraulically and there is a choice of jaw plates to suit the particular needs of your operation. This model in scale 1:50 of Mobile crushing unit is no. 4 in a serie to be produced for Sandvik.. Made with great accuracy, lots of details and many movable parts this model has top quality. Delivered safely in styrofoam with designed cover.

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Box dimensions: 415 x 110 x 110 mm

Branding: Printed Sandvik logo on box and model

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Weight 1.48 kg
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 42 cm